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Are You Prepared In Case of an Emergency? PDF
AmbulanceMany district or local church Prime Time groups plan events that include travel, both day-trips and longer excursions. It is prudent to have sufficient emergency information about each participant so that if a medical issue arises during the event, the leader can quickly provide the necessary information to assist emergency responders as they address the individual's needs.
Click here to see the form the Missouri Prime Time uses, which has been examined and approved by their district legal personnel. Both local church and district Prime Time leaders are encouraged to carefully examine this document and use it as a model to create and personalize a document for your circumstances. Assure participants that their  information will be kept confidential, but you will keep it close in the event of an emergency. Keep this information on file, and re-distribute the form when a new activity is planned so participants can update their information.
Please note that the lower portion of the Missouri form includes very significant liability information. You are encouraged to include similar wording. Be sure your local church or district leadership is familiar with your Health and Information Form and that it has their approval.
We all hope that there will never come a time to utilize such information, but unfortunately that is unlikely. As a leader, being prepared for that eventuality could mean vital minutes will be saved for the person whose health is being compromised.