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A Men’s Ministry Training Opportunity by Man in the Mirror PDF

By W. Marshall Duke, Men’s Ministries Coordinator

As coordinator for Men’s Ministries, Church of the Nazarene, I keep a close watch on training opportunities and resources regarding ministry to men.  In many cases, I return to “Man in the Mirror,” an organization in Orlando, Florida, which produces quality materials and relies on research to map strategies that have proven effective in assisting churches in making “Christlike Disciples of Men.”

A few years ago, I traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to attend a Man in the Mirror training event based on their “No Man Left Behind” (NMLB) model.  Whether your church is starting a ministry to men, revitalizing an existing ministry, or seeking to maximize the effectiveness of your current efforts, participation in this sort or training will help equip your leaders to disciple every willing man in a sustainable way.

When a church implements the concepts of the NMLB model, they see significant gains in their ministries.  In a recent survey of alumni, after an average time of two and a half years, the average number of men involved in a participating church increased by 48%.  Even more importantly, the average number of men actively being discipled increased 84%. 

On their website, www.maninthemirror.org, you can click on “Get Trained” to learn all about the different ways in which training can happen, including both in person-training and video training. 

Personally, I particularly enjoyed the in-person sessions where I could interact with the Man in the Mirror team as well as converse with representatives from other churches to compare notes about strategies found effective and challenges encountered.  The day-and-a-half “No Man Left Behind Essentials” seminar is approximately 85% teaching and 15% discussion and application.  Sessions include “Developing Your Vision,” “Your Man Code,” “Three Strands of Leadership,” “Capture Momentum with the Right Next Step,” and more.  Attendees leave with the tools and training needed to develop a plan custom-designed for their church.

This fall, “No Man Left Behind Essentials” training seminars are being offered in the following locations:

Indianapolis Area, Cicero, Indiana (August 3-4)

Coastal Carolina Area, Shallotte, North Carolina (August 24-25)

Cincinnati Area, Franklin, Ohio (September 14-15)

Houston, Texas (October 12-13)

Visit the website to learn exact locations, times, and the cost.  The price increases the closer you get to each event, so act now.

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